The Injuries of War

It’s been a good week so far (In MY Life) I’ve been trying to get enough practice around the gateway track (Turns out, they have been running the circuit backwards to the way I’ve been practicing!!)  I’ve finaly bought myself a replacement body (For Extreme Emergencies and to show off!) I’ve also been down  to the shop and customised my car a bit (I had to replace the rear differential, and I bought myself some new Body mounts and a drive shaft) The course is actually very tough (A lot more tough than what I had expected) and I manged to wipe out my car, Thanks to some silly F1 idiot who drives right up behind me (His car being faster than mine), Pushing the front nose of his car right under mine and pushing me right of the track and into the wall , and when  I turn to say WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!?!  all I am met with is a smirk. I ask you, what are people coming to these days? My steering servo is completely busted (due to the precaroius angle that I crashed at) and a nice big dent in my body ( I later popped that out, so it’s fine now) But I am going to have to do open heart sugery with this Servo now and I’m about to enter in a National event!!  Hohboy, let’s all hope that I can fix everything OK otherwise I’ll be in some seroius trouble!!

Wish me Luck!


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  1. Those TT-01 cars are lovely, though I have to say that the F1 cars really scream when you push them to the limit. Your remote kit should contain a spare servo, try looking for it. Oh, and Good luck for the nationals.

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