Hey It’s me, the one and only guy you love to hate (Or hate to love?) Bryan Smith. I’m pleased to say that  my dad is safe in I.C.U. and is very well after his operation. I thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts and kind words. I am also pleased to state that my blog is now 100% complete, with pages for all the things that relate to me (and are vaguely interesting) 

I’ve added the Excalibur Films and Unseen Enterprizes pages for the ‘businesses’ I own and ‘co-own’, a pictures page to post up the latest race pictures that I have, (I will have some new ones very shortly, and I will be participating in the next national event which is a few weeks away.

I actually (and eventually) managed to be able to afford my own iPod (after months of being bankrupt) I got myself a Shuffle (I don’t need a display and I’m always going somewhere or doing something) and have a little money left over to enter in my next race. I really like my shuffle, It’s in a brilliant, unscratched silver and I really like iTunes. Yes, Rahul, I like iPods now, but I am not going over to the TurboNerd side…yet….

 I managed to watch the Nationals on Sunday with my dad (I didn’t participate) and I must say that these guys are real pro’s and definetly know what they are doing. I give them a proud Souf Efrikan Salute.

I also managed to go to the Virginia Airshow, which was awesome, they featured three 737’s, a Mirage, a Strikemaster, a mock police pursuit with choppers, and the Silver Falcons aerial display team. It was really cool.

Yes, the life of the wolf_man got seriously chrome-plated and a lot cooler.

 All for now,

Bryan Smith, Wolfman, the Scoobster ( As my dad calls me)


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