Most Wanted, the best NFS ever?

I’ve had a great day today!! I’ve bought one of the missing pieces from my NFS (Need for Speed) Collection, Most Wanted. I have to say, that even after only about an hour of Gameplay, considereing that the game series has long progressed from the storyline of Most Wanted,  and even considering that NFS ProStreet is coming out right around the corner, I have to say that this is truly the best NFS game I’ve ever played, topping Carbon’s ever-so-bling graphics and UCAP, outshining all the others by MILES, and even managing to include a true variety and assortment of characters and cars, that is seen no-where else in the Need for Speed series.

I mean, it has the M3 GTR in it. That gives it 50 extra bonus points.

I find the movies hilarious, making directly quote the line (Which I find excellently placed and timed) “The bus stops that way, loser!” delivered by Razor just after you lose your character’s (and my) beloved car, the M3 GTR, through a means of sabotage. (That was Dirty, Sick, down right evil of you, Razor!!)

I haven’t done much in the game yet, (I don’t have enough time) I have only just beaten Shonny,  failing to acquire his VW Golf. (That is quuuiiittteee nice) But even only this far I am loving this game, and I think if you don’t have it, you should run down to your nearest store like a cheetah with it’s rear end on fire, buy it, and become addicted. It’s just that good.

Anyway, It’s time for me to go now, but I will update soon!

P.S. please wish my friend Rahul for good luck, he’s going to Switzerland to get his black Belt in Karate!!

All for now,                                                             

Bryan Smith


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  1. I am very proud of your excellent writing skills. It is an awesome moment for a mother when she realises she raised an independent, mature young adult. Well done my boy! and keep it up.


  2. wow, when I yak on about wordpress to my mom I usually think she’s not listening…

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