The Unmentionables

My last blog post, (Which was written at 22:30 last night) focused soley on Need for Speed, Most Wanted. How cruel of me. I forgot to mention the other stuff I’ve bought.

Lately, there’s been a lot of C-h-e-a-p merchandise going through Durban’s Pick and Pay and Makro stores. And I’ve been cashing in on the action. I mean, I bought Most Wanted from Pick And Pay yesterday, and it only costed R90.00 (Ninety South African Rand) which only comes to about 12 American Dollars and/or 7 British Pounds. I do not know how much PC games may come to in the USA or the UK, but In Durban, (An irritatingly expensive city) PC games normally come to about R200/300. So, All things considered, I have saved a lot of Money. Thank you o’ great Raymond Ackerman.

But I neglected to mention that I also got some other things, like the Strategy First Title Galatic Civilizations.

Galactic Civilizations is what is called a 4X strategy game, which means that Money/Wealth, Cultral Influence, and Military Might are big factors and mean the difference between Victory or Defeat.

The Story line starts at the year 2178, and Humanity is preparing to leave their home that has housed them for millenia, Earth. The Human race has invented Hyper Drive, a revolutionary new technology that replaces the obsolete Stargates of the galaxy (Which I describe as a “Train-Like” Sytem of travel) and allows ships to move and colonize any uinhabited plantets on the galaxy. There are loads of these planets, and every race wants to be the most powerfu.l.  there are five other races in the Galaxy, The Drengin Empire, the Yor Collective, The Arcean Empire, the Torian Confederation and the Altarian Republic.

The Drengin Empire are the most evil and vile race, and want to destroy and enslave all of the other races, but the game does allow customization of every race, from theirs to yours, so essentially, you could make the Drengin Empire a teddy-bear cuddling goody two-shoes race.It doesn’t really matter, It’s just there to make gameplay interesting.

I’m not going to spend a long time going through all the races, (That’s what the manual is for) but I’ll summarize them below,

Yor Collective: a race of intelligent self-replicating Robots.

Torian Confederation: A race of….. things…..strange things….

Arcean Empire: a race of born warriors with a Noble background

Drengin Empire: Haven’t I been through this?

Altarian Republic: A race of exact Human look-alikes, they believe us to be their “Interstellar Brothers”.

 I have finished the game on easy mode, but it was great fun, and It’ is truly amazing because EVERY playthrough is different (IE, different events happen, like ancient robotic defenses come alive on one of your out-of-earth colonies, and start killing your people. What do you do?)

I just have to say that this is one of the best ever stragey games, and it’s so different it is such a unique experiance, I love it.

All for now,

Bryan Smith


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  1. Make sure to vote this coming election.

  2. I’ll remember to do that.

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