Yet another Chrome-Plated day

My most humble appologies, cyber-trawlers (Yes, Rahul, I did get that word from you) I have not been online for nearly a week! (How did I manage that?) Anway, I’ve bought some new gadgets with my moola (Deniro, Yen, Rand, Dollars, Money…) Like a bluetooth plug-in device for my computer to enable it to interact with any mobile phone, (I really like that little thing) a new set of rims for my car, the Terranim8or program which assists in making terrains for the anim8or program, a Telefunken 5-Megapixel camera and an image-editing program. I am really enjoying upgrading (if you can call it that) my lifestyle! lol. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of motoring magazines like topCar and Car, (now that was a stupid set of names), and I’m really trying my hardest to top his expansive knowledge of cars. (Wish Me Luck!) 

Oh, and by the way, what do you think of my new theme and custom header? I made the header using the Anim8or Program and the Samsung PC studio Image editor, and the current theme I’m using is the ‘Neat’ theme by some guy whos name I can’t remember. I’d like some feedback, I worked really hard on that header!

 I’ve also designed a car on the anim8or program, which I have yet to entitle, but it looks real cool, and it has chrome-silver rims (No applause, no applause, just throw money) so I’ll be sure to post it up later.

I’ve entered in the Gateway R/C national race on the 5th of august, so wish me good luck!!

all for now, 



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