Returning to the Bling Desk

Well well well, after about a month of things happening, I have returned to my formidable (and yet not always constantly updated) site. Loads of stuff has happened, just as I mentioned a few words ago, so, here goes the Random Man’s Report.

I am pleased to announce that I am officially Pshchedelik Records’s ( first customer of their new kick-a** album, The House of Rythym. I won’t go into details of the album because I’m sure Rahul would sue me for all his TM’S and Copyrights, but, If you’re in his immediate vicinity, buy it. It’s Chrome Plated, as I usually exclaim. I added the songs to my iTunes yesterday.

I am also very pleased (And pretty excited) to announce that THE ADVENTURES OF JORRAN SKORM is going to start production soon, and I am currently sorting out castings and special effects issues. The movie will feature a new Excalibur Films trend:

3d Animation.

 The Movie will follow the story, not to the very letter, but I’m hoping that we can include all of the events. The film will include Psychedelik Records unique style of Music and some music from REPUBLIC COMMANDO. I am set to play Jorran Skorm. The Adventures of Jorran Skorm Story page on my blog is set to be taken over for news about the production of the movie, which will include screen shots, castings, interviews, and much more. Keep navigating to the page as It will always be updated every week.

Changing the subject, I have installed the LED lights on my BMW. it looks absolutley awesome, and now I can participate in Night Races if the Hobby Shop decides to make them official.

Sadly my constantly chirped friend Hanik Kotecha is also leaving South Africa, so I bid him farewell.

 As my last note on this blog post, I have chosen the Official quote of Here it goes:

“Information is moving – you know, nightly news is one way, of course, but it’s also moving through the blogosphere and throught the Internets.”   – George Bush

All for now and Now for all,

Bryan Smith


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