You Are Under Arrest…

Wow, now this might definitely be a first and a last… and maybe an only? I am officially blogging while there is a high speed police pursuit happening around the roads that surround the complex I live in…. There’s a lot of Bee-Baah’s and other siren sounds that I can’t place.I would like to think that the police are doing an honourable job, but as I live in South Africa and the police are lovely and corrupt, maybe they are pursuing sum oke who bribed them and forgot to pay it off….. haha. Oooh, wait, now we have a helicopter!! 

As far as I can see it’s going around in circles over the road, but now the pursuit has moved on and I can’t get a good look anymore. damn. Well, that’s my blog’s dose of randomness, for the day…

Moving swiftly along, I have divided the Jorran Skorm Movie’s project stages into ten official development stages, represented in a build plan. Here it goes:

0.1b1 – Movie Production Starting, 0%

0.2b1 – Some 3d Models arranged, Trailers ready, 10%

0.3b1 –  3 animated scenes finished, castings complete, 20%

0.4b1 – 10 animated scenes complete, movie about to film, 30%

0.5b1 – 18 animated scenes complete, movie filming 30% complete, 40%

0.6b1 – 20 animated scenes complete, movie filming 70% complete 50%

0.7b1 – all animated scenes complete, movie filming 80% complete 60%

0.8b1 –  Music production starting, voice-overs ready, 90% movie filming, 70%

0.9b1 – Music production finished, voice overs finished, 100% complete, awaiting “Beta-Viewings”

10b1 – DVD built, Fully Complete, Movie Released

And so you have it! The Jorran Skorm build plan. I would say we are in currently 0.2b1, and will be heading into 0.3b1 shortly. I am pleased with progress so far. Thank the dear lord it is friday tomorrow, I am utterly exhausted.

Also, my class has descended into utter madness and anachy, as a certain unnamed fat person believes himself a bighsot tough guy now. If you can read my thoughts, unnamed fat person, I am laughing at your pathetic attempts.

Anyway I don’t normally give this much of my blog to morons, so the unnamed fat person can consider himself fortunate.

But, that’s enough of hatred for one day. I’ll be sure to update again soon.

The_H0m13: W0lFm@N


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  1. Bryan, bryan. I went to ur wiki site. And lemme say that Rahul hasnt mentioned u once! an d that random fat person, is it TONY? oh ja, and does that movie include the entire class?

  2. Well, I am a recurring character in Rahul’s posts, so I think that qualifies as a mention… lol. No, I wasn’t referring to Tony, I was reffering to two-tons-of-lard Sohil. No, (rather unfortunatley) our movie doesn’t include the entire class, just me and my friends.

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