A Report from the Front Lines

Hmm…. it’s hip, it’s happenin, and it’s got a (scratchpad) Wiki Site!

Yep, it’s semi-official, Jorran Skorm is getting it’s own wikia site. As this is rather a proud moment for me, Ignore any ill-fated grammer or spelling. Anyway, you’ve heard the news first from the keyboard of Bryan Smith, so lets move swiftly along!

Jorran Skorm has arrived in the full blown third phase, as we are going to get down to filming as soon as we can. (Which may take a while….) Casting is all done, and we can finally get down to proper business. I’ve decided to let the radmysta or “Fox” as he sometimes prefers, handle all the animation (The tougher job, haha) and It will be my person life’s mission to find and record sounds for Jorran Skorm and other movies we might make in the future.

That’s why I’m officially opening up a subdivision (No, not in Anim8or, Rahul) of Unseen Enterprises, Sound Enterprises, which will be another one of my blasted companies and will be to my (And Excalibur Films’s) exclusive use.

It will make use of my Digital Sound Bank that I am creating, and will make excellent use for animation, as well as other stuff.

You can see the wikia site here: http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Jorran_Skorm

That’s all from me,



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