Jorran Skorm Continues

It’s colossal…. it’s huge…. It’s happened… we did it… Jorran Skorm has been filmed, and…It’s still not done. Well, maybe I’m being a little stupid here, all of us knew that we wouldn’t have finished it in one day, but the weather and fate was against us in some ways.  It was drizzleing with rain… TOXIC RAIN!!!….  and the wind was blowing a hell of a lot. But still we got some things done. We managed to film the Fox fight and Mysterious man  converstation as well as the Meeting up with Collin scenes in thier entirety. I’ve edited and put the whole thing together. and I’m telling you it looks cool. so far.I am also dismayed to inform you that JUJU ONLINE has officially been called off by the Procrastinating Radtech Enterprizes. Yes, like Microsoft, things for them have gone crazy.(I can imagine the look on Rahul’s face at this point. YOU GOT CHIRPD!! just joking)Anyway I’m still hoping to see the finished project if Mr Dowlath ever decides to complete it… let’s just hope he does..Anyway…. I’m gonna climb back into my ‘natural habitat’ and edit the videos somemore.. with my utterly retarded windows xp….All for nowBryan


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