i’m back… but not with a vengeance…

Yup, after about two solid months of doing squat, I am back! (Hopefully.) A whole bunch of stuff has happened to me from my last post until now… lost my WordPress password, joined the now liquidated technology site TechZone as a writer, lost a friend thanks to a stupid maneuver,  at school, found someone who is absolutely amazing but I don’t know if she likes me…  contemplated jumping off the nearest cliff, found my WordPress password, and I even got to see Mr. Bones being filmed by Blue Lagoon courtesy of my friend and neighbor Mel. Eventful month, has it not been?I am just going to casually mention that the spacebar on the Mac and WordPress don’t get a along, so don’t expect any paragraphs. I’ve gotten iBurst for my MacBook, as I was getting SERIOUSLY ticked off with my malfunctional 3G Card (Nashua Mobile… Pleh.) My Dad went and decided his next great extreme sport would be that he would have a stroke, so that’s been my emotional roller-coaster of ’08… on top of brain cancer, that is.  I feel really… I don’t know… like scarred at times… but then I give myself a good slap and remind myself that there are people going through worse things, and that I should not take pity in the events my life throws at me… because I should take pride in who I am, not take pity in who I am not. (Excuse me getting all weird here, but I’m finding it good to let go for a while) The Mr. Bones filming was great to see… but Mr. Schuster isn’t taller than me… One celebrity down, a hell of a lot more to go! Honestly, though, fourteen and taller than Leon Schuster… I got to see the rickshaw seen being filmed, so if you happen to hear or see me in the movie, look for an awkwardly tall kid with an annoying voice (lmao!!) I’ve also gotten a wireless Mighty Mouse for my Mac, the thing ROCKS!! Thank You, ‘O mighty Apple and Steve Jobs… Well, anway, my fingers are getting sore, so I had better stop this quickly,  but I’ll fill in the gaps in my spare time and write about more of the freakishly weird stuff that happens in my life….Bryan Smith  


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  1. yoyoyo..!! Kwl theme man… hey, by any chance, did you take any pics from the Bones film shoot? (nt sure whether theyd allow u to though… hmmmm… lol) bt if so, could you post them on the blog? kwl kwl…


  2. Hey thanx dude! It’s always so nice when someone leaves a comment…
    *hint hint*

    Unfortunatley, I didn’t take any pictures, there were no cameras allowed (I suppose to keep flashes/ camera shutter sounds out of the finished film, as you know from the Adventures of Jorran Skorm how even the softest sounds come through..) so thats an unfortunate no…
    but If I ever get to see another filming in Durban I might try and sneak my cell phone along (on silent, of course, lol)

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