The Holidays… have struck!

Ah… it feels so good to lean back in this leather chair…. (*leans back too far and falls over*) And behold: Bullet points. The Mac substitute for paragraphs.Well it’s the holidays and I’m kicking back and relaxing… at long last. Yup, I had to go through lots to get here… including the dreaded 26th OF MARCH when every flipping school project ever imagined was due, writing a savage Natural Science test that was out of 100 marks (which I somehow passed, only 28 bloody marks were counted) having my comrade fall ill due to an assassination attempt (food poisoning) and a whole bunch of other stuff. So, I’ve partitioned my first week of my holiday up (a little like Rahul’s at and it looks a little like this:

  • WEEK ONE: Monday-Wednesday: Compose songs on Garageband
  • WEEK ONE: Thursday-Friday: Learn all the tiny aspects of iMovie
  • WEEK ONE: Saturday: Swim in the morning/afternoon, and sort out my new Hard Drive and do a full back-up
  • WEEK ONE: Sunday, take the day off!

Sooooo, as you can see, I’ll be kept busy… but I’ll still be online and junk. I’m working on uploading a Jorran Skorm trailer to my blog. It’ll be up later.Cherio, for now.


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