And so I return… again…

Hello prospective viewer… It’s been a while since I’ve done anything on this blog, yet that mainly stems from a loved one passing away, so, forgive me.

I haven’t really wrote many things of interest here, in retrospect… and about the most exciting thing that’s happened is that I’ve redeemed my faith in Windows (I’m an Apple dude, okay?) So, I thought I might write as to how my feelings towards it have changed.

Being an Apple junkie, I choose to rework Windows into my life by partitioning my hard disk on my MacBook and intstalling in on that partition. I didn’t really do it intending to use WMacBook running Windows XPindows, but more so just to have the experiance of knowing how to install an OS on a disk partition. (Nerdy, eh?) I wisely decided to print the Boot Camp installation guide (Okay, if you are planning to do this, PRINT THE GUIDE. Trust me.) And I followed the prompts (The guide made it easy enough) and within a few minutes I was running Windows on my Mac. Fantastic.

I decided to put windows through it’s paces, just to see if I could dispell the theory of whether Windows runs better on a Mac. By the frog, did I get a suprise…

Windows, in all honesty, runs 200% better on a Mac. I also own a rather kitted-out PC, mind you (Built up, too) and my Mac preforms better with Windows than my PC does. Games are an issue, but, if Games are you’re interest, save up some more and buy a MacBook Pro and then put Windows on that. I don’t think that the MacBook’s graphics card was really intendid for games. but the MacBook Pro might be another story. I was able to play Age of Empire III to great effect, and I really enjoyed it. It depends on the requirements of the game, I guess. Crysis is a definate no.

I also advise after you’ve installed Windows you add the Boot Camp drivers to your Mac (found in one of your Mac OS X Leopard install disks) to get the full kick out of all your hardware. (By the way, the trackpad and keyboard work throughout installation, no drivers needed)

When I synced up my Wireless Mighty Mouse, I was also pleased with the great response that I got. There was no 1-second lag as I sometimes get on my PC with my other mouse. The webcam does have it’s usefulness, but I’d say it’s cooler in Mac OS X where you get all the cool effects in iChat.

I also ran windows with the Royale theme (which sometimes chokes RAM a little bit) and I’m happy to say I had no problems, at all. As a bonus, IE7 also seems to preform better for some reason as well.

Most people know I’m no Windows fanatic and for the most part I still don’t like it very much, but, I’d say before you run off and buy a hectic R30,000 PC with shiny buttons, consider buying a Mac and putting Windows on that. 😀

Geek Advisor out.


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