The big one-five!

Old age… old age…

Yes sirs and madams, I’ve successfully reached well passed my hazourdous life’s prognosis and I am now 150 years old… yup, I definitley believe a walking stick is in order! (haha)…

Well yesterday was my 15th birthday and it pretty much rocked… I (against all my expectations) got an iPod touch from my Mom (and, it is damn awesome!) and some cash moneys from my Grandparents. I even had lunch at the Beverly Hills and to top it off my H0m13 even gave me a birthday call! (Thanks again, dude!)

Now, iPod touch. Multi-touch is so damn cool, I love it. Zooming in and out of photos, watching movies in widescreen… and web-browsing definatley defeats the purpose of my old Nano. (Which got washed in the washing machine, if you have read a few posts back) And to answer a prospective question my H0m13 Rahul Dowlath may ask me, Yes, I have synced it with my Mac. 😀

I feel I also have to make a comment on how beatifully clear the screen resolution is. It’s just that: Beautiful. It’s pretty much crystal clear; I’m very impressed.

With the extra money I’ve received, I hope to buy an Xbox 360 External Hard Drive 🙂 to further enhance my Halo experience… lol!

Anway that’s all for now… yep, that’s another blog post without a point.


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