Back to the Mac… and Halo.

Hello once again, prospective viewer! Well, yesterday I had the most TREMENDOUS scientific breakthrough of my LIFE! Yes folks, It took hours of sweat, blood, determination and Fanta Orange, but I have once again succeeded on getting my iBurst modem to function on my Macbook. After a titanic battle of me Vs. my Ethernet settings, I managed to route my iBurst modem to work under the Network pane (Which I consider a little bit impressive, as the first time I did it I phoned an iBurst representative and even he had to as Technical Support for help…)  So once again I have resumed enjoying the refined-ness of Safari on the Mac. I also have given Opera a try, and against my initial thoughts, I didn’t find it so cool. (But anyway, that’s my opinion) I’ve also downloaded the Halo 3 E3 2007 Trailer onto my iPod (Which I’ve been waiting for iBurst Bandwidth to download from the web) with the help of a Video format conversion program I downloaded from Apple’s website (the download section) called iSquint, which I have to mention is excellent, as it really gave the video top-notch quality on my iPod touch, did the job in record time, and I don’t have to consider buying QuickTime anymore to convert videos in to Mp4 format anymore 😀 So, I suggest if you’re looking for a good video converter for the Mac, iSquint is my suggestion! 

I’ve also managed to get some back-ups going with my external LaCie hard drive, just in case this year is the year for The Great Hard Drive Disaster. I’ve been thinking alot of the subject of backing-up, and I read an interesting article on the web a while ago that contemplates (and it has already been done) on-line back-up (Backing up to a hard drive that’s offered a service over the net) . I thought that this was really useful, although it’s useless to me as I live in South Africa and my internet connection(s) would be way to slow to even contemplate moving about 30 GB across the net! But I just remember thinking how useful this would be if better internet connection came to South Africa, (I mean heck, internet in Mozambique is FREE!) as I’m sure many South Africans would actually make use of the service and actually would back up. But that’s enough from this crazy teenager.

I’ve also been enjoying the gaming delights of Halo 3 this holiday, and I’ve managed to finish the campaign on normal difficulty (which wasn’t too much of a challenge, and let’s remember I took a run through on Easy to get a feel for the game, this is how I play after all) and I feel I’ve gotten so used to the controls I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play another ‘360 game again! (Not that this is a bad thing – I love playing Halo!) and I’m starting to play again on Heroic. I don’t think I’ll ever play through on Legendary, as I have tried Sierra 117 a few times and got ridiculously irritated form dying so many times… haha. Apparently Bungie is releasing a new Multiplayer map called Cold Storage today (for free!) But it’s a torment and dissapointment for me because in SA we don’t have Xbox LIVE and so there’s no way I’ll be able to downloand it… tis such a sad, sad life…

Anyway, I better finish up here, before my cup of tea that’s waiting for me gets cold!


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  1. Hi, about the online backup – it can be done, with a web-hosting account lol! But what I think that article meant, was a “proper” service with encryption and the like. But if that service were to come out, I don’t think I’d go for it – I’m a bit sceptical about putting my personal data on someone else’s harddrive lol.

    One more thing, I know this is random, but does Forza have multiplayer mode? lol thanks!

  2. Hey thanks for the comment h0m13,! Ya, I do know it has been done and a few sites do offer the service, as I quote: “(and it has already been done)” . I have to admit I’d also feel skeptical about giving someone else my personal information, but I mean if a trusted service, like, ok, off the top of my head, Amazon had to provide it, which millions of people have given their credit card details to (And please, nobody come back at me with Amazon horror stories about being robbed or alike, I’m just using it as an example) I think that if the majority of people had the fast enough internet connection and a service that they trusted they would back up over the net. But hey, that’s just my crazy thoughts escaping my head!

    Haha, yes, Forza does have multiplayer. Don’t fret, as we shall give it a run through on thursday! 🙂

  3. Hi there! I’m on your blog!! cya

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