The Return

Phew… it’s been AGES since I last threw something up here! Well, loads has happened since my last post and I obviously can’t condense months into sentences… so, first off… I thought I’d vent my hidden frustration, as I’ve had to exchange my Xbox 360 for another as it encountered some technical difficulties… (Ok, ok, the screen froze for no reason) and judging from my new one, something major was wrong with my first one…  it didn’t shut down gracefully, the screen became distorted after a while… all in all I suppose it was fortunate I could get a new console to replace the shoddy one I had… although it felt like I was losing an old friend as I had some of  my best moments on that Xbox… but anywho! 
I’ve managed to finally back up everything on my Mac on my hard drive (Not using Time Machine, I mean saving a copy of all my media onto the drive in case I delete something in future) and it’s quite nice having a copy to fall back on… all in all, very useful. I’m now fully harnessing the power of iPhoto to edit my photos… and I am seriously considering saving up for Photoshop… as editing photos really has become a new hobby for me! (Other than playing Halo…) although money might be another issue.
I’m saving up for The Force Unleashed which is supposed to release sometime in mid September… (My friend Hanik tortured me with a demo video…) I’m planning on getting it for my (new) Xbox… that’ll be awesome! I can’t wait.
I recently bought three Halo books (The Fall of Reach, The Flood, First Strike) and I’ve really enjoyed them all (as my friends would tell you from my numerous status updates on Facebook!) but I do feel I have to say my overall (and new favourite) book was The Fall of Reach. I really enjoyed learning the back story to the games (although I already knew the backstory, reading the book just brings a  whole new definition) and the whole way through I couldn’t put the book down. I found it that riveting! I mean, nothing is cooler than the line: “Your destruction is the will of the gods, and we are their instrument!” 
Anyway, that’s all for now, and I hope I can post again soon!


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