Camino: a great browser for Mac!

So, it looks like we have a prospective upstager to the famous Apple Safari browser for the Mac: and it goes by the name Camino. Camino is an open-source, free web browser application that actually builds on what Safari has to offer, and presents it just as elegantly. 

I recently stumbled onto Camino while I was browsing through Apple’s downloads section of their website, under the Internet Utilities section. I decided to give it a download, as I’m always on the lookout for 

a new browser, hoping that one day I’ll find the one that works most co-operatively with my internet connection. Safari has seemed to be my best bet, as Mozilla Firefox (for Mac) let me down as it often failed to establish a connection, and Opera being just a tad to basic. 

So, once I downloaded it, I gave Camino a test drive, and let’s just say I’m very, very impressed! Camino adequately did the jobs I set it out to do, such as going onto Facebook and my own blog, and didn’t give me the connection grief that Safari seems to be prone to (Safari doesn’t seem to register I’m connected to the internet at times, but then again, I doubt Apple’s hardcore developers counted on a rickety old iBurst modem being used for the above task, as even the drivers for it don’t work sometimes and need to be reinstalled) and Camino performed these jobs at incredible speed and efficiency.  

Camino’s latest version is 1.6, and new features include the support for a Software updates, AppleScript, Keychains, Feed Detection, spell checking and session saving, virtually bringing it into line with Safari. Camino’s interface is elegant and user friendly, tabs being neatly visible and commands such as return, back, forward, having a clean and simplified look.

“Mozilla power, Mac Style” being Camino’s slogan, I believe this holds especially true to the browser, as Camino’s developers seem to have hit the nail on the head; Camino is a clean, user friendly and powerful browser that any web-surfer would be wise to consider, in my opinion, at least. If you’re interested, Camino can be downloaded at


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  1. Sounds nice… I’d like to see a screenshot though! lol very promising, you should also check out Chrome by Google, it’s only available for Windows atm, but apparantly a Mac and Linux version is in the works. 😉

  2. Hmm… a screenshot would have been a great idea… 😦 Haha, oh well, I’ll add one when I get some more bandwidth! Ya, I’ve checked out chrome, and it looks pretty cool! Until I downloaded it and it refused to work for some reason… I’ll keep waiting for the Mac version!
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Lol np. Also, just thought I’d let you know, I *might* be launching Radtech’s new product range this Friday. Look out for it if it does come out! 😉

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