So, it’s been a while…

Howdy once again prospective viewer! It’s been a month or so since my last post, and as of today school is officially over, as it’s break-up day and now I can pretty much do whatever I feel like!

My study of music theory has progressed really nicely, as first mentioned in my last post, and I’m really pleased. Exams went well for the most part and I was extremely happy with my results. However, I feel my review of Too Human that I’ve been planning might (and most likely will) be a long process and take a long time and might be a post that’s far off in the future, mainly due to issues I have with the game and the fact that I actually have yet to conduct my final opinion.

Before I raced off and hit the start button on my Xbox, I actually studied some Norse mythology to better help my understanding of the story (seeing as the game completely remixes Norse mythology and places it chronologically in the future) and I must say, that’s about the smartest move I’ve ever made. Too Human wouldn’t have made sense if I didn’t, and against developer’s Silicon Knight’s best intentions, the story is exceedingly difficult to follow without some proper, hardcore knowledge.

The game is a hybrid of sorts, featuring a unique combat system that can be exceedingly exciting and ridiculously frustrating, and the story is both compelling and confusing. Overall, I must say I really have enjoyed the game so far besides it’s faults, and right now I’m stuck in what I believe is the final mission – the assault on Helheim. Fighting against the undead doesn’t appear to have it’s rewards, as you’re often swarmed and beaten until death!

I’ve also bought Need for Speed: Undercover, as I appear to have made buying every new Need for Speed game my life mission, and I’m actually quite enjoying it, and I might do a review of the game as well (after my review on Too Human, of course) and I do feel I must say EA seems to have picked the franchise up since it’s last endeavor, ProStreet, which, in my opinion, wasn’t particularly engrossing or even exciting.

I plan on trying to post regularily these holidays, although that promise seldom holds! However, I will be looking forward to doing a Too Human review – it sounds like a healthy challenge!


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  1. Well B-ryan.. i have no idea what you were talking about XD
    sounds like you do though, and that’s goooood 8]
    I aint much of a gaming freak
    I’m super glad it’s holidays!!
    It’s too close to Christmas 😦
    this year is flying!!

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