Jumping into a new year…

Well, although I admit I haven’t managed to live up to my promise of updating my blog regularily, mainly due to the fact that my holiday spot didn’t provide sufficient signal for my iBurst modem to work, it’s time to start a new year. I’ve been contemplating the eventual fate that might befall 49mhz this year, as I’ve moved into my senior phase at school and I might not have as much time to update.

I may decide to pehaps move 49mhz to a different spot on the web and/or downsize it to just a private personal blog which wouldn’t really have any worldly news nor importance attached to it.

But anyway… enough of my scheming ways 🙂 I had an awesome Christmas and New Year… apart from the fact that I was sick on Christmas day due to a horrible pizza I ate the night before, and I acquired some nifty items such as a Samsung digital camcorder, and Call of Duty: World at War (which I finished just the other day, and was fantastic! Although a bit violent during the American part of the campaign) and although I really liked the style of the last Call of Duty, M

ibanez-vp50-acoustic-guitar3odern Warfare, I strongly feel that World at War was a tremendous step in the right direction.

Also, at towards the end of last year I began my quest to learn to play the guitar (taking inspiration from my good friend Rahul) on my newly acquired Ibanez acoustic which my mom helped me out with, which is quite a feat for me seeing as I’ve never taken interest in a musical instrument before (Which I greatly regret now!) and I must say it’s really fun, and I’m really enjoying it. I can play a few songs now (thanks to some help) like Life In Technicolor by Coldplay, Day Tripper by the Beatles and I even had a crazy moment and learnt to play Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple. I must say, it’s the most fun I’ve actually had in while!

At the moment, I’m considering what my next purchase of a game should be, and I’m considering Far Cry 2, although I’m not completely won over yet. I listened to Gears of War 2’s main theme this morning, Hope Runs Deep, and I think it’s a masterpiece! I’d be contemplating Gears if I didn’t have a thing about overly violent games. (I’m praying for no attacks about that one!)

I have no real news left after that, so I think I’ll leave it here for now, and here’s hoping 2009 is a good year for all! 🙂


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  1. Hey Bryan!
    yeahh I got super bored of EatingCrayons so I closed it…
    I might start up a new site but who knows 🙂

    Far Cry 2’s Graphics are insane! XD I’m not a real gamer, but my brother got it for Christmas and I was playing it a bit and wooow its realistic..

    Hi5 on the guitar 😀
    well done!

    Tuesday is soo close 😦
    it’s scary!! These holidays have flown by

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