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We Don’t Need Leaders. We Need Visionaries.

Our world has become captivated by personality.

Now, if your mind has tilted off its proverbial sun lounger long enough to wish to engage me upon the above topic, I urge you, the reader, to spend the next half-hour watching television. Why? Because, undoubtedly, you will be subjected to a half-hour of either unashamed celebrity promotion or disgruntling, realistic, truth-exposing documentary.

My point? Both focus upon the personality. Television has had, for approximately the last half-century, the incredible, transentient power that allows for the subtle indoctrination of the human mind. We find ourselves subscribing to the ridiculous notions put forward by Hollywood celebrities or charismatic political harbingers of ‘change’.  We idolize over such individuals daily; we comment upon what they’ve said last, whom they have said it to, why they said it, and what they had for breakfast the previous morning. We find ourselves drawn to what we term our leaders – our inspirations, so to speak.

And today, I write to you to inform you that the concept of a leader has failed and disappointed dismally in every case to date.

In fact, there has not been a successful leader in history.

A leader, by definition, is a person who “leads or commands a group”. The main fault perpetuated by a ‘leader’, is that they are susceptible to the vices that consume all other men; jealousy, vanity, hatred, greed. A leader is not immortal, nor are their goals ever pure, or necessarily justified. A leader is indeed capable of great influence and great undertakings – and can often achieve such goals in haste.

A leader, such as Adolf Hitler, is capable of inspiring those around him – building nationality – in pursuit of an idea.  A dark stain of human history, such as Adolf Hitler, is also capable of the systematic murder of six million people in the name of achieving ‘national purity’.

What I seek to elaborate – for those who may not understand – is that leaders are susceptible to their own desires. Leaders can command a nation in hate as well as love; and often build pillars of change upon the sand.

In this modern world, a leader is no longer satisfactory.

What this world, in a new millennium, requires, are visionaries. Individuals with wills made of iron, and spines made of steel. A visionary is not susceptible to the weaknesses of a leader – because the purity of their dream is an ever-burning flame in the furnace of creative inception. A visionary never ceases to create, seek the better path forward, help those in need, or lend a helping hand – because a visionary, unlike a leader, can see so far forward that he or she knows that the repercussions of a single act can profoundly affect the course of history.

History is full of visionaries – all of them successful. Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Mother Theresa – all pioneers of the greater good.

The world today, weary of conflict and strife as it is, no longer requires, anywhere, the beleaguered impressions that a leader can force upon it. The world does not require the likes of Muammar Gaddaffi or Robert Mugabe any longer – such individuals, their politics, and the acts they have committed are so long obsolete, our world would be far better without their influence. All of them? Leaders.

I urge any person who strives to be a leader to reconsider their choice of dream. A leader is a fallible concept – a failing concept – that has rendered the world as it is today. Rather aspire to be a visionary; for such individuals propel the world forward. Evident in every major step forward – be it a small step for man, or a large step for mankind – have been the influence held by visionaries, the astounding results of their pure intent, and their willingness to change the world in a way not thought possible.

Earth, of the year 2011, no longer requires the command of a leader, but the inspiration of a visionary. The world today requires visionaries on every front; be it from cleaning the streets to managing world finance – the world requires men and woman of capable strength, fortitude, and vision, to inspire the world to change.

A leader forever looks into the distance in search of a brighter future – a visionary, however, looks from a brighter future into the distance.


Valkyrie… Gears of War 2… Far Cry 2… Mulitmedia month!

Well as the title suggests, this month I seem to have expanded my media forte! 

I’ve watched the new Tom Cruise movie out – Valkyrie – and although the

Valkyrie postermovie hasn’t been ascertaining such spectacular reviews, I must commend it as I thought it was excellent – I thought the Hitler scenes were beautifully orchestrated as such as you felt your stomach tighten with sheer anxiety whenever he was about – and the overwhelming sadness at the end when one sees the plot come to an unsuccessful end – one almost wishes there could be a Valkyrie II! If you’re into suspense and a delightful historic romp, then I believe Valkyrie is for you. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I even watched it a second time. Before actually watching the movie, I sat down for a quick 30 minutes and watched the History Channel’s Days That Shook The World, as they featured an episode on the actual July 20 plot that the movie revolves around, I must commend how the film’s director, Bryan (Yes, I know, he must be a nice chap!) Singer, pain attention to detail – virtually no incident on the day has gone unnoticed, and the only issue regarding the storyline that I can think of is that the plot might no have come to as close success as it did in reality 

I’ve also bought Epic Games’ Gears of War 2, which I must say is the most amazing, spectacular game I’ve ever played on my ‘360 – even dethroning Halo 3 as being my favourite game. It is difficult in describing as it has all the right elements in all the right places – the plot, the gameplay, the overall length of the campaign all roll beautifully into a gigantic mix of well… Epicness! 😛 (Although I played with the gore inactive – I don’t like seeing blood that much :P)

A few months ago I aslo bought Far Cry 2, which I also enjoyed. I thought the setting was well conceived, as I live in Africa and rural spots as seen in the game usually aren’t that far away from civilization – so it was something I really grew to appreciate. I enjoyed the open world feeling of the game – and I feel that more first-person shooters should follow in Far Cry 2’s wake. The game managed to leave me exhilarated until the very ending – and was incredibly realistic.

I’ve also decided to can the idea of a Too Human review, as I still haven’t finished the game and now being in my senior phase of school, time is of the essence!

So, thus far, my eyes have rarely been separated from a screen! But, rest assured, I have been keeping myself busy otherwise – my guitar studies are coming along really well and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Otherwise, I do not have much else to report… I am thinking of entirely re-writing Jorran Skorm now, as I have a few good plot ideas in place… but, until next time, I shall leave it at this cliffhanger!

Exams and some small other things…

So, it’s been quite an eventful month for me this term, as at school we’ve come to the end of our CTA syllabus and the term (which has been quite a long, drawn out battle!) and exams have arrived, with my Technical Drawing (or known to Americans as Drafting) exam tomorrow. I’m confident that with my study routine I’m in I’ll do well, but that does also (unfortunately) mean my posting will be limited!

I’ve also committed myself to study some music theory, as music is an avenue that I’ve never explored in my life, and hopefully this would improve my overall study ability and music making ability (in programs such as GarageBand and Acid) and this really helps when editing MIDI sequences in GarageBand, and I must say it’s a really awesome feature to be able to edit musical notation in the program, now that I can properly utilize it. You heard me right – Apple has succeeded in amazing me yet again! I’ve also gotten back into my old habit of drawing and designing, something I haven’t really done (on my own) for at least a year now, as I’m an  Art student, having taken the subject since first grade.

I’ve also bought an old Coldplay album – Parachutes, and it’s interesting to hear the evolution of their music, from their well known hits such as Yellow, Clocks and Viva La Vida, my favourite tracks from Parachutes being Don’t Panic, Yellow and High Speed. I really like Coldplay’s music, so for me it’s a pleasure to have yet another album of theirs in my iTunes library! 

I’m also considering buying Too Human for my Xbox 360, and if I do decide to make the necessary purchase, I’ll most likely to a review of the game here, as there appears to be quite a mixed response at it’s release – according to major sources, Too Human is either apparently absolutely awesome or really terrible. 

So, that’s pretty much all my news for now… so, cheerio!