Well, I’ve made some pretty awesome friends over the years and now it just happens that some of them have expanded into the web! This page stems from an old widget I used to use on the sidebar, but I’ve decided to make it into an actual page on the site… so, feel free to check out their sites and give them a few more hits to brag about!


 Rahul Dowlathn575031702_7964

My great friend Master Rahul Dowlath was the first of us to lead an expedition onto the internet at an incredibly early age, and later I would follow in his wake, only to get lost along the way and wind up here! Rahul’s blog, Life In Pixels, can be found at 





Victoria Berrange

Another great friend of mine who has some pretty extreme talent when it comes to editing images and making site layouts! Victoria’s site can be found at where you can check out what she’s been up to and what her latest layout looks like!


s60007672 Imtyaz Rahim   

 One of my oldest friends, also known as the Shniz, I    helped Imtyaz get started on the web, and soon he plans to  turn his blog into a money-making business empire. To  help support Imtyaz, please visit his blog and send him on his way to world domination at!


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