The Adventures of Jorran Skorm




“’I’m here to make your day a lucky one.” Jorran said.

Jorran waited for a response. “I’m here to make your da-“

The door opened, and as quickly as the tiny slit of light hit the never-ending night-time, it closed. Jorran decided to quickly observe the small apartment he stood in front of. No security cameras, no burglar bars, no windows, for that matter.

 It’ll be amazing if he ever opens the door. On cue, the door opened. Much wider, this time. 

“Jorran Skorm?”

“I’m here to make your day a lucky one.” 

“Do you carry your slogan everywhere?”

“If it works, why change it?’ 

“Fair Enough.”  Jorran’s client sighed once the words came out of his mouth.

“I will have you know, If you try and do anything stupid, I’ll vaporize with my hold out.”

The man gazed downward at the mention of ‘hold out’. In Jorran’s hand lay a tiny pistol of indistinguishable make.

“And I’ll have you know that I am skilled in many forms of combat, and I knew that was there. Now come inside.” The client hid his embarrassment.

Why is he embarrassed?

“And my associate?”

What associate?

“The one across the road who has his sniper rifle aimed at your head.”

The client gazed across the road.

“Oh, him. I thought you meant another associate.”


Jorran and the ‘Associate’ Camper walked into the room at long last.


“I’ll cut to the chase. I’ve got a job for you. This is it: You are going to sneak inside one of those new K-51 robot factories, steal the blueprints for them, and give them to me. There will be three million for you when you get back.”

Jorran didn’t like this. 

“Why is this a matter for you? I’m only a spy. I’m not a one man army.”

“A deal has been made with anxious people. People you do not cross. And don’t refuse, because, you are a part of this already.” The client’s tone was menacing.

“Haven’t you asked others to do it?’ 

“I have, and they failed, you are the best, and you shall make this your best job performed. Understood?” 

Understood. But if you ever ask me to do something like this again, I’ll kill you.

“I’ve got it” 


The entrance to the K factory was enormous, churning out millions of Battle robots a day. However, K-51’s were new models, and they were giving the system some hassles. 

Not for long.

Ahead was the main Computer Complex, most likely where the blueprints where stored. Jorran didn’t believe what he saw. Seven armed Mercenaries where talking to the lead K unit. They are probably here for what I am, except they won’t be as successful.

Suddenly, the K unit went aggressive and attacked all the Mercenaries at once, throwing Fragmentation Grenades all over the place. One came dangerously close to Jorran, but he managed to roll out of the way. Camper did the same. Although Camper was deaf, he could still shoot straight, and a distraction was all Jorran needed sometimes…

Stupid Robot, doesn’t it grasp that it could level the whole factory?!!  

Jorran decided to take the K’s side. Jorran drew his stun pistol and fired at them, bringing them to their knees on by one. The K unit finished the job. 

Maybe these K’s aren’t so bad. I could use one for myself. Come to think of it, what did happen to the K-50s anyway? That’s one model they didn’t make. Publicly, at least.

The K turned and observed him. It walked forward.

“Unnecessary threat: Identify yourself and put any weapons away, human.

Jorran pretended to stack his stun pistol. 

“Painful Recitation: Let us attempt communications, and bring an end… to hostilities.”

 “Oh, don’t worry. After I’m done, there won’t be anymore hostilities, sorry, tin can, but I’m going to scrap you!” The K instinctively drew its rifle, but didn’t take the time to aim. Ah! There’s your weakness, you walking tin can! 

While hunching over to take the shots, the K had let a thin power-supply cord hang out of its chassis. If Jorran could disconnect that cord, the K would automatically shut down. Jorran ran forward to the K, grabbed the cord and pulled as hard as he could. The LK let out a metallic scream and died. The main computer was straight ahead. Jorran ran towards it and plugged in. 



Oh, no…  K-50s came out of every possible angle in the complex, and as Jorran downloaded the files, bullet shots and warning announcements became all the more frantic. Camper held them off as best he could, but Jorran would need to be quick.








“When I said get the Blueprints, I didn’t mean blow the whole place up.” The client’s face was scrunched.

Jorran gave a smug smile. “When you’re the best, you don’t leave evidence.” 

“Fair Enough.” The client was dismayed for some reason.

“What did you want the blueprints for?” Jorran questioned.

“You’ll find out” Now the client was smug.

A gunshot was fired, and the client dropped to the floor, dead.

“Like I said, when you’re the best, you don’t leave evidence.”





Description: It’s been a long and bumby road to phase three, but finally things are taking shape. All of the animated models have either been created or modified, and Rahul Dowlath is ready and rerring to start animation seqeunces. We have almost all of the featured music in place, and filming will started on the 27th September, 2007. We’ve had some unfortunate delays with exams and school, and filming is currently scheduled for the december holidays.


Bryan Smith: Jorran Skorm

Rahul Dowlath: Arcturus “Fox” Rollance

Shailin Moodley: Adrian Stukov

Dewalt Sadie: No specific character, Recurring Soldier

Kunal Rugnath: Collin Graves

Nimesh Naran: Steven Flayes



 I have a few official screen shots for the movie, all are in 3d animation, and will be used in the movie. Credits go to myself and Steve Glannville for the Anim8or Program,






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  2. Thanks, SAD-MAN, but I think Anim8or better suits my budget!

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